I work one-on-one with artists, writers, musicians, graphic designers
& others to create unique works on paper & fine bindings. Using a variety of traditional & experimental image-making techniques, combined with hand-set wood & metal types, I work closely with you to usher your creative vision into the world – be it a deluxe portfolio of your own letterpress prints, a hand bound book you illustrate & author, a sculptural artisits' book you design & produce, or whatever you dream up. Through our shared love of relief printing, typography & conventional & innovative book forms, I will assist you to develop, design, edition & produce a one-of-a-kind piece or a body of work.

Other services I offer include:

  • Hand Bookbinding for Editions or One-of-a-kinds
  • Fine Printing & Letterpress Design
  • Consultation & Trouble-shooting on Creative Projects
  • Letterpress Printing Master Classes
  • Tutorials & Workshops
  • Private Instruction in your studio or mine
  • Internships
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