Heart-Mirror  (2004)

Letterpress Printed on Somerset textured paper. The poem is from Tess
Gallagher's book "Dear Ghosts," published by Graywolf Press. The image is inspired by Josie Gray's painting "Sentinel Moon." Binder's board was hand-cut & layered to create the four-color relief plate for the image. The text is set in Spartan Medium. This broadside, designed & printed by Christopher Stern, commemorates the Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Tess in 2004 by the Washington Poets Association.

Excerpt: "A little spit on the heart-mirror- / like my father, the gambler,
/ spitting into his palms / then rubbing them together / before he lets go /the dice. I am rolling / through the stars / just thinking about it. / And
my heart, rubbed clean / with maniac luck, / gets what it wanted / for once: this child's moon / and three sentinel lovers."

Size: 11" x 20  Edition:50   Price: $75 

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