Golden Bodhisattvas (2007)

Letterpress Printed card from handset type. The linoleum cut was printed in warm grey ink over a hand-painted wash of gold. This is the first piece Jules printed after Chris' death. The poem on the facing page reads: We are all moving toward death. When we face it honestly, all philosophies, all ambition, all surety dissolves in the sweep of death's Great Luminous Wing. Hatred is finally purified and we can no longer attend its call. We are left with nothing to take with us but gentle humility and gratitude. Let us not wait. Let us open our hearts and invite Grace to enter us now. Let us count our blessings every day. Love every little thing without restraint. And fill our mouths with praise and awe for the divinity of one another, for the astonishing unbearable Light of our own hearts. What else matters?

Size: Open 14" x 11"    Edition: 500    Price: $25

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