Typographical Horse  (1998)

Letterpress Printed on Somerset Textured paper. Collaged image built from wood & metal types, hand inked & overprinted with gold ornaments. Text set in Lining Gothic #66. Designed & printed by Christopher Stern. Story by Jules Remedios Faye.

Excerpt: "When the horse was brought in, the room fell silent, for no one had ever seen such a beast. She was enormous & gleaming as the moon. Beneath her translucent, crystalline flesh one could see jewel-like viscera rhythmically pumping as if opalescent pearls gently rolled back & forth across the length & breadth of her wide torso..."

Size: 7.5" x 12"     Edition: 100; Out of Print. High quality digital Giclée print reproduction on watercolor paper available.    Giclée Print Price: $100

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