States of Grace  (1992)

Written by Jodi Aliesan | Published by Grey Spider Press

Size: 9.75" x 6.5"     Edition: 175     Price: $75 - Only 10 still available.
Pages: 48     ISBN: none

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The first section of this book, States of Grace, is of a collection of love poems that express the grace & passion of being in love, the erotic pleasures that come from generosity of body & heart. The second section, A Keening, consists of reflections & lamentations on the death of the poet's father. She speaks of toasting her recently lost father with a bite of freshly picked tomato, watching her brother toss a baseball one last time before setting it in the casket. "But after you died I felt your presence great and warm and radiant around us and knew you were larger and healthier and more whole than ever in this life." Together the two sections of this book affirm the gifts of love, embrace the sorrows of loss, & celebrate the richness of life.

Letterpress printed on German Nideggen paper with text set in Caslon Old Style No. 337. Signatures are sewn onto linen tapes dyed by hand to match the warm tan paper. The tapes are laced through thick cover sheets of handmade Indian Bagasse paper. When the book is opened, the reader discovers the insides of the covers have been hand painted in rich reds & ochres. The front cover title labels were hand painted in pearlescent reds & coppers. Books are numbered & signed by the author. Very few remain in print.

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