Talking with Raven  (1999)

Written by Clifford Burke | Published by Grey Spider Press

Size: 11" x 6.25"     Edition: 350     Price: $14.95
Pages: 35     ISBN: 1-58249-004-x

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This cycle of poems is grounded in a deep tenderness for the land, for location & place, for the southwest light on the horizon, the juniper dotted valley, & the lives & deaths of raven, coyote, vulture & bear. Warm, humorous inquiry is the bedrock out of which everything springs. The poems invite us in to the poet's questioning-ness; but rather than suggest answers, they open conversations, they sing. These poems are born out of & simultaneously create a landscape of humble, sincere curiosity & openness. Written as if in motion, they invite the reader to ride along with the fluid current of the moment.

Letterpress printed on Mohawk Vellum paper with text set in Kennerley Old Style No. 268. Titling is handset in Futura Display. Each text page includes a second color decoration. The three-color title page includes a woodcut illustration by Christopher Stern. Books are sewn into Murillo Marrone inner covers & bound in Peppered Bronze Neenah Classic Laid outer wrappers. All books include spine titling.

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