Fallen Angels  (1999)

Written by Jules Remedios Faye | Published by Street of Crocodiles

Size: 12.25" x 9"     Edition: 210     Price: $175.00
Pages: 53     ISBN: 0-9652272-1-9

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"I have always found fellowship with those who═ve been cast out, exiled, imprisoned and thrown into darkness. Through keeping this company I've discovered there is solace to be found in the dark. Darkness is a resting place, a cool velvet embrace when lost in the heat of fever. It is the downward spiraling via negativa, a path traveled by mystics and criminals alike, where cold hearts are broken open and darkness can become a brotherhood of loss and sorrow and deep affinity. For here we are all Fallen Angles, none of us innocent of having sometime perpetrated a hurtful fiction or been more dedicated to some detrimental habit than to any nobler purpose. But we are also divine, or we were once. I know this, as I have seen despair carry some to the bottom of their dark fall and on the way turn them inside out to expose their original bright perfection..." — Jules Remedios Faye, from the prospectus for Fallen Angels

Twenty linoleum or woodcut images accompany the text letterpress printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. Images are printed on the recto with text set in Cochin No. 61 printed on the facing verso. There are running heads throughout with second color folios in the outside margins. On the title page a single angel leaps from the Nicolas Cochin titling to join his bothers & sisters who fall across the two-page spread. The book is nestled between scarlet endsheets & is three-quarter bound in black Japanese Mohair cloth & Italian Tisiano printed paper over boards. A flock of black angels in silhouette casting luminous golden shadows sails across the cover. Numbered & signed by the author.

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