Excerpts from a Family Medical Dictionary  (2001)
Paper Edition

Written by Rebecca Brown | Published by Grey Spider Press

Size: 10.5" x 6.25"     Edition: 400     Price: $45.00
Pages: 103     ISBN: 1-58249-007-4

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"Excerpts proceeds step-by-step through Brown's mother's illness & eventual death from cancer, using dry dictionary definitions as its stepping stones. Each definition of the word in question — anemia, metastasis, morphine, etc. — is accompanied by a compact, powerful essay on what, exactly, the reality of each word entails. Brown's voice is level, direct, even stark. Yet its very spareness serves as a springboard for powerful feelings. The formal narrative scheme makes a show of containing the volatile feelings that underlie the book. The reader is carried toward a conclusion that both devastates emotionally & lays open the fragile nature of the flesh." — Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

Letterpress printed on Mohawk superfine paper with text set in Bodoni 375. Chapter titles are printed in handset 36 point Bodoni 175 in red. The paper edition was hand sewn into inner paper covers, then wrapped in printed embossed outer paper covers.

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