The Book of Craving  (1996)

Written by Janet Rodney | Published by Grey Spider Press

Size: 9.75" x 6.5"     Edition: 175     Price: $125.00
Pages: 59     ISBN: 0-9652272-0-0

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"...is a beautiful work of narrative meditation, looking forward & back through the gaps that loss — and words — make & then fill with time & light. The three parts of the work conjoin to form a triptych depicting incidents of historical violence only half visible through formative reflections — tints from the quotidian, the 'normal,' the personal. It seems that it is history that consists of unique, singular, inexplicable events, & individuality that is part of some continuum. The affirmation here is stunning." — Lyn Hejinian

Letterpress printed on soft cream colored Zerkall Butten paper with text set in Caslon Old Style No. 337. The book is illustrated with seven tipped-in duotone photomontages created by the author from private family photos & correspondence, then letterpress printed from photoengravings. The book also includes a three-color typographic epigraph after Marcel Duchamp's The Green Box printed entirely from type elements. A second color arabesque is printed in pale rose on the title page & section titles. The book is hand bound between dusty rose endsheets into black Italian cloth over boards. Repeating arabesque elements have been printed in warm gold onto the cloth. .

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