The Twentyone Gun Salute  (1999)

Written by David Lee | Published by Grey Spider Press

Size: 9.5" x 6.25"     Edition: 450     Price: $11.95
Pages: 31     ISBN: 0-9652272-9-4

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"...eight kind of prayers to grease the passage / singing to wake all three / of the triurnal host from their slumber / and rouse the everlasting eternities / down to the subaltern deities / and plague and endurance of scripture / eulogy and sermon to put them all / back into the sleep of the angelic heavens / where even Mizrez Bouchier sed by god / she could feel her blood sugar dropping" — David Lee, The 21 Gun Salute

Letterpress printed on Mohawk superfine paper with text set in 14 point Bodoni 375. The three-color title page is handset with antique wood-type & bright red stars. The poem is printed recto only with second color dingbats & decorations throughout. Books are sewn into navy blue inner paper covers & wrapped in bright red & white stripped outer paper covers. All books include spine titling.

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